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We are currently collating research for the 2016 conference programme.

The 2015 conference programme was researched amongst the industry to give you the best possible mix of industry relevant sessions. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and agency clinics complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

CPD Certified

cpd_certified_rgb.pngThe Digital Marketing Forum qualifies for CPD credits. All delegate attendees will receive a CPD certificate after the event.

For further information on CPD accreditation please visit : http://www.cpduk.co.uk

Take part in the programme

If you would like to participate in the programme or recommend any speakers or topics please get in touch with David Clark on 020 8487 2203 or dclark@richmondevents.com
2015 Keynotes
2015 Keynotes
  • Opening Address

    Anders Sorman-Nilsson, Futurist and Innovation Strategist
    We are excited to announce that Anders Sorman-Nilsson, futurist and innovation strategist, will open the 2015 Digital Marketing Forum.
    As some organisations careen recklessly into the digital future, others are being left behind. Smart companies are however realising there is an important middle ground – the Digilogue. A place where digital and analogue converge. Where progressive ‘digital’ strategies satisfy a customer's mind while the old fashioned ‘analogue’ practices sooth their hearts. This customised keynote will provide:

    ·         Appreciation of the parts of your business that simply cannot go Digital.
    ·         Insights into the real customer experience, the touch points that thrill them by speaking to their hearts and not their head.
    ·         Understanding of how to develop your digital ‘story’ in a way that actually attracts business.
    ·         Recognition of why customer service will never be replaced, but reborn in the Digilogue.
    Anders helps executives decode trends, answer disruptive questions and strategise for foreseeable and unpredictable futures.
    As a Swedish-Australian strategist at Thinque (digital Think-tank) he has helped business leaders convert provocative questions into proactive future strategies by harnessing the power of innovation, generation and communication trends, across 4 continents since 2005.

    After Dinner Entertainment

    The Noise Next Door - one of the UK's leading improvisation groups
    The Noise Next Door are one of the U.K’s leading improvisation groups. In three short years they have taken the circuit and the Edinburgh Fringe by storm, leaving audiences in awe of their lightning-quick wit and breath-taking comedic talents.

2015 Seminars & Workshops
2015 Seminars & Workshops
  • Digilogue: how to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow’s customers

    Anders Sorman-Nilsson, Futurist and Innovation Strategist
    There is a disconnect between what customers expect, and what business is delivering today. Multichannel marketing has often generated  complexity and disintegration between platforms. This in turn has created underwhelming customer experiences, and produced flawed data.

    We are standing at the point of convergence between the digital world of the future and the analogue world of the past today. You have to find the sweet spot between the digital and the analogue. The sweetspot that connects, integrates, and simplifies. You must become Digilogue in order to win the hearts and the minds of tomorrow’s customers.

    This workshop will give you practical tools for mapping the touchpoints with your customer you should digitise, and which ones you mustn’t digitise. It will provide you with a strategy canvas to help you create an Omni-channel communications plan which wins both digital minds and analogue hearts.

    Twitter 101 – how to bring your brand to life on Twitter

    David Schneider, writer, comedian, director David Levin, professional tweeter

    In this workshop, Twitter experts David Schneider (165,000 followers and counting) and David Levin (the man behind @BBCTheVoiceUK, @LorealMenExpert, @The_Dolphin_Pub etc) will show how 140 characters is all it takes to bring your brand to life and develop longstanding customer relationships.

    This overview of what works (and what doesn’t) will cover…
    • Tone of voice – the essential Twitter tool
    • How to tweet – the mechanics of good tweets, retweets and replies
    • Bringing your tweets to life - tweeting with impact, humour, personality
    • Boosting your popularity – working the hashtags, formats, trending, live-tweeting etc
    • Tips and suggestions for how to cut through the noise on Twitter


  • Creating quick wins – Are you spending your digital budget effectively?

    Pat Murphy, Founder, MCA Janet Inglis, Lead Digital Consultant, MCA

    Digital marketing has quickly become a budget priority with many organisations increasing their investments in digital activities, but how can they save money whilst enhancing effectiveness?

    Savings will allow you to spend more in areas that directly impact the effectiveness of your campaigns.

    In this small workshop, we will identify areas of spend in your digital marketing that can be minimised quickly, and provide real tools for you to leave the conference and start making savings immediately.


    How video has transformed the way we consume content on mobile

    Maureen McDonagh, Client Partner – Retail, Facebook
    By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco), highlighting that video has quickly become a key way to satisfy customers’ needs.

    From the phenomenon of the Ice Bucket challenge to the battle of the Xmas ads, this interactive Facebook clinic will showcase how video plays a major part in our content consumption on mobile.

    Join Maureen to discover how brands can use video content via mobile to engage with their customers to create the edge they need to stand out in an ever cluttering marketplace.

  • How to be seen as an online leader

    Sofie Sandell, Social Media and Leadership speaker

    Personal branding and thought leadership are expressions we use all the time.
    In this workshop Sofie Sandell will share ideas on how you can build your personal brand online to be seen as a thought leader.

    We all have ideas and stories inside us, and thanks to social media it can help you reach further and inspire others. Sofie will share practical tips and help you become clearer about what you can share online.
    Sofie is a Swedish

    Londoner and the author of the book Digital Leadership which was published in September 2013. She is a professional speaker and talks about leadership, creativity and the impact of social media. Sofie is also a lecturer in digital marketing at INSEEC University in London. @Soffi_Propp


  • What managers can learn from Mozart and Picasso? Stress fields of creativity

    Dr. (Phil.) Sven Spiegelberg, well known artist of Switzerland

    “The solutions of yesterday are not the solutions of tomorrow”.

    Creativity is also required in professional decisions. Where creativity lacks, there remains an immense unused spiritual potential.
    One who always does what he already can, will always remain what he already is.

    First off, Sven Spiegelberg shapes the idea in the field of ‘order and chaos’. The creative knot will then be loosened by streams of music and with a brush and paint you will paint your own masterpiece. In trying to go through a difficult task (the crisis) by generating self-critical solutions (The Chance), lies the true benefits of this creative and refreshing time out.


  • Is mobile marketing getting the credit it deserves?

    David Barker SVP and Managing Director, EMEA Advertising Solutions, Amobee
    Despite ever improving penetration, screen resolutions and connectivity, the world of Mobile Advertising is still seen as TV and Print’s ugly sister. David Barker, Amobee’s European MD, will showcase some of the world’s best mobile campaigns to prove that Mobile Marketing can be far sexier an...

Previous Seminars & Workshops
Previous Seminars & Workshops
  • The ten principles behind great customer experience

    Matt Watkinson, customer experience expert and author

    Customers are powerful. They have a loud voice, a wealth of choice and their expectations are higher than ever. This presentation will (re)introduce you to ten principles you can use to make real world improvements to your customers’ experiences and show that making these improvements doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. In this presentation, Matt Watkinson will explore:-
    The common obstacles businesses face to improving their customer experience
    Explain why efforts to make significant improvements often fail (we'll give you a clue - the process doesn't work)
    The implications of the customer experience revolution for marketing and advertising
    Explain the simple, universal principles that you can start using today to build a great brand reality, not just a great brand image


    Going Global Online – Maximising opportunities in global markets

    Ian Harris, CEO at Search Laboratory – The Global Search Engine Marketing Experts

    Increasingly companies are looking abroad for new sources of revenue. With the UK one of most competitive online markets in the world, UK marketers are well-armed to tackle new markets overseas even though the process can still seem daunting to some. In this informative session, Ian will discuss how to identify new opportunities overseas and provide strategic advice on how to successfully exploit these new international opportunities with PPC, SEO, content marketing and online PR.

    Providing some key stats on global market trends, Ian will also touch on real-life examples from Search Laboratory’s own client base. Ian will expose the five most common mistakes marketers make when going global with their brand and give advice on how to avoid making the same mistakes in your global expansion plans.


  • Pioneering An Adaptive Digital Strategy

    Ben Hammersley, author, futurist and technologist
    • Ben will be discussing how organisations and individuals can create a digital strategy with longevity: one that adapts to emergent user behaviour, new technologies, and any new developments in the business landscape. You will learn how to future proof your plans, deal with the unknown, and optimise your marketing for the next 1000 days.

    The secrets of success – what business can learn from sport

    Linda Marshall, NLP Trainer, Consultant & Coach
    • For most of us, sport is not work. Its what we do, watch or follow as an escape, release or break from work.  This session will look at what the most successful athletes are able to do in order to achieve their goals and will provide an opportunity to explore how you can apply what they do to be successful in whatever you do.
      • Get insight into the ways in which elite athletes think
      • Practice setting gold medal goals in your own life
      • Share ideas and begin developing your own 'training plan' for success

  • The future is mobile

    Neelay Patel, Commercial Director, Economist Group
    • Understanding the exponential growth of mobile and its potential.
    • Driving business growth - integrating mobile with other online and offline channels.
    • What’s yet to come – new developments, payment, QR etc.

    What’s the best in British digital?

    Justin Cooke, Founder, Fortune Cookie, Chair of the British Interactive Media Association
    • Key insights on what it takes to win in digital media.
    • Key digital trends for the rest of 2012 and beyond.
    • Showcasing winning entries from the 2011 BIMA Awards.

    Putting data at the heart of your digital strategy to increase sales and drive ROI

    Gregory Lyons, Research and Insight Manager, iCrossing
    • From data to insights, creating research lead digital campaigns
    • The importance of mobile data and how to develop a profitable strategy
    • How data can be used to inform a successful content and SEO strategy that increases conversion rate and ROI (with case study examples)

  • Organisations don't tweet, people do

    Euan Semple, Social web consultant, Euansemple.com
    • Many organisations are uncertain as to how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Web and social platforms.
    • This session will provide practical advice, insight and inspiration to enable effective integration of social media into organisational culture and strategy.

    Understanding performance to get executive teams working effectively and powerfully together

    Jessica Pryce-Jones, CEO, iOpener Institute for People and Performance

    Building on 6 years’ research and an on-going collaboration with the Wall St Journal, Jessica will cover:

    • Understanding the real tasks of leadership and how leadership will shape the future.
    • Analyzing trends and findings in digital marketing for both UK and international data.
    • Investigating some practical tools and techniques that will help leaders in the digital industry.
    • Thinking about how to personally and practically incorporate this into your working life.

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