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The 2014 conference programme was researched amongst the industry to give you the best possible mix of industry relevant sessions. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

We will shortly be starting to research the best topics for our 2014 programme

CPD Certified

cpd_certified_rgb.pngThe Digital Marketing Forum qualifies for CPD credits. All delegate attendees will receive a CPD certificate after the event.

For further information on CPD accreditation please visit : http://www.cpduk.co.uk

Take part in the programme

If you would like to participate in the programme or recommend any speakers or topics please get in touch.
2014 Keynotes
2014 Keynotes
  • Opening Address

    Ben Hammersley, Author, futurist and technologist

    We are delighted to announce that Ben Hammersley, author, futurist and technologist will open the 2014 Digital Marketing Forum.

    Ben specialises in the effects of the Internet and the ubiquitous digital network on the world's political, cultural and social spheres.

    After Dinner Keynote

    A.A. Gill, Writer & Critic

    Whether you like it or not, criticism is at the heart of all business, especially within this revolutionary digital age.
    We live in an enormously connected universe  driven by online communications, so be it through new digital channels or traditional methods, everyon...


2014 Seminars & Workshops
2014 Seminars & Workshops
  • The ten principles behind great customer experience

    Matt Watkinson, customer experience expert and author

    Customers are powerful. They have a loud voice, a wealth of choice and their expectations are higher than ever. This presentation will (re)introduce you to ten principles you can use to make real world improvements to your customers’ experiences and show that making these improvements doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. In this presentation, Matt Watkinson will explore:-

    • The common obstacles businesses face to improving their customer experience
    • Explain why efforts to make significant improvements often fail (we'll give you a clue - the process doesn't work)
    • The implications of the customer experience revolution for marketing and advertising
    • Explain the simple, universal principles that you can start using today to build a great brand reality, not just a great brand image

    Going Global Online – Maximising opportunities in global markets

    Ian Harris, CEO at Search Laboratory – The Global Search Engine Marketing Experts

    Increasingly companies are looking abroad for new sources of revenue. With the UK one of most competitive online markets in the world, UK marketers are well-armed to tackle new markets overseas even though the process can still seem daunting to some. In this informative session, Ian will discuss how to identify new opportunities overseas and provide strategic advice on how to successfully exploit these new international opportunities with PPC, SEO, content marketing and online PR.

    Providing some key stats on global market trends, Ian will also touch on real-life examples from Search Laboratory’s own client base. Ian will expose the five most common mistakes marketers make when going global with their brand and give advice on how to avoid making the same mistakes in your global expansion plans.  


  • Pioneering An Adaptive Digital Strategy

    Ben Hammersley, author, futurist and technologist

    Ben will be discussing how organisations and individuals can create a digital strategy with longevity: one that adapts to emergent user behaviour, new technologies, and any new developments in the business landscape. You will learn how to future proof your plans, deal with the unknown, and optimise your marketing for the next 1000 days.


    The secrets of success – what business can learn from sport

    Linda Marshall, NLP Trainer, Consultant & Coach

    For most of us, sport is not work. Its what we do, watch or follow as an escape, release or break from work.  This session will look at what the most successful athletes are able to do in order to achieve their goals and will provide an opportunity to explore how you can apply what they do to be successful in whatever you do.
    • Get insight into the ways in which elite athletes think
    • Practice setting gold medal goals in your own life
    • Share ideas and begin developing your own 'training plan' for success

  • Being remarkable – how to develop new behaviours that help you to reach your full potential

    Linda Marshall, NLP Trainer, Consultant & Coach

    How many of us wonder if we are capable of more? How many of us wonder just what we are capable of? You have the same number of hours in your day as Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. Come and explore what might be possible, and the first steps in going out to get it.
    • Understand how new behaviours are created and more about what is important
    • Take time to daydream about what is possible and what you want
    • Put plans in action to live more of the life you imagine


    Making the most of mobile

    Jon Mew, Director of Mobile & Operations, IAB UK

    With consumers rapidly switching to their mobiles, and most brands seeing between 25% to 50% of their internet traffic coming through mobile devices, there has never been a more important time to make sure you are getting the most from mobile.
    The session is designed to share the latest...


  • Frankencontent: why are we still creating content by consensus?

    Catherine Toole, Chairman of Sticky Content (now part of the UK’s Press Association)

    Most digital content professionals, left to their own devices, can plan and create wonderful stuff. It’s what happens next that’s painful. Content is circulated, opinions are sought, amendments are many, and the result? The monstrous beast that is content by committee…


    CASE STUDY: Digital Transformation: Have you Adapted?

    Michelle Goodall, Social Media Consultant and Eva Applebaum, Head of Digital Marketing Transformation (Digital Marketing Lab) at BBC

    ‘Digital’ can be a tricky word as it means many things at the same time - new technology, new devices, new media, new behaviours & ways of communicating.  What is certain is that ‘digital’ represents a tsunami of change, bringing new ways of thinking and differ...


2013 Keynotes
2013 Keynotes
  • Opening Address

    Erik Qualman, Author, Professor, Speaker and Entrepreneur

    Bringing a fascinating insight into how the digital world is affecting the workplace, and how businesses may be organised in the future, esteemed author, Erik Qualman, brings valuable information from his book "Digital Leaders - Leaders are made – not born” to this audience.  He is also author of “Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business;”

    Erik’s keynote will cover:-

    • If you are an existing leader how do you adapt to the rapid changes the world is experiencing?
    • What traits do you or your company need in order to rise to the top now and in the future?
    • Is multi-tasking inefficient? 
    • What are the best tips to produce more output rather than thru-put? 
    • What’s the proper balance between face-to-face interaction and the use of your mobile?
    • How do you achieve your best life, leadership and legacy in this new world? 

    Erik is an MBA Professor at the Hult International Business School and for the past 18 years has helped grow the digital capabilities of many companies including Cadillac, EarthLink, Yahoo and AT&T. In 2012 he was selected as one of the Top 50 Professors in the world.


    After Dinner Keynote

    Beyong the Horizon with Monty Halls

    In the uncertainties of the modern world, successful individuals and teams must be adaptable and responsive to change. Drawn from over twenty years of observing people all over the world, explorer and TV presenter Monty Halls will explore the dynamics of the team, the individuals within it and the common themes of how we all deal with change.

    Illustrated with stories of individuals and teams getting it magnificently right and hideously wrong, Monty’s unique insights will help you evaluate your personal ability to respond to change and how to keep sight of your goals in an ever shifting environment.

    Monty Halls is a writer, explorer and television presenter. A former Royal Marines officer, he left the services in 1996 to pursue a career leading expeditions. Over the next decade he circumnavigated the globe four times on various projects, leading multi-national teams in some of the most demanding environments on earth. Monty has presented numerous documentaries, most notably ‘The Great Escapes’ series and ‘Great Barrier Reef’. He continues to run expeditions and diving trips from his fully equipped corporate training facility in Dartmouth.


Previous Seminars & Workshops
Previous Seminars & Workshops
  • The death of the PC and the rise of the tablet

    Charlotte McEleny, Associate Editor, The Knowledge Engineers
    • How the switch from PC to tablet is affecting people's media consumption.
      Key take outs:
      • How significant is the rise in the tablet to your digital marketing campaign
      • Gain an understanding of global trends in media consumption, including TV
      • Asses what importance 'second-screen' usage means for digital marketers
      • Learn what the future model for marketing and advertising will be in the home

    How to make mobile the glue for your cross-channel campaign

    Alex Meisl, Chairman, Mobile Marketing Association
    • Paving a smooth path for your customer's journey from engagement to conversion using mobile.
    • Key take outs:
      • Understand how mobile is currently impacting digital marketing campaigns  globally
      • Learn how to build a successful cross-channel campaign for your company
      • Evaluate successful case-studies where mobile has transformed a digital marketing campaign

  • 2012: the year you make money out of content marketing?

    Catherine Toole, Founder & CEO, Sticky Content
    • Content is now central to most digital marketing plans, rated as more important than advertising and set to grow
    • Here’s how to plan and produce effective content marketing with limited budgets, resource and expertise
    • Tips and techniques for creating, maintaining and governing high-quality content
    • Multiple B2B and B2C examples of good and bad content marketing 

    The nuts and bolts of social media

    Philippa Snare, CMO, UK, Microsoft Ltd
    • Getting the right system to monitor, respond and learn from social media.
    • New and changing organisational roles to manage social media.
    • Internal resourcing to effective manage different social channels.

  • The future is mobile

    Neelay Patel, Commercial Director, Economist Group
    • Understanding the exponential growth of mobile and its potential.
    • Driving business growth - integrating mobile with other online and offline channels.
    • What’s yet to come – new developments, payment, QR etc.

    What’s the best in British digital?

    Justin Cooke, Founder, Fortune Cookie, Chair of the British Interactive Media Association
    • Key insights on what it takes to win in digital media.
    • Key digital trends for the rest of 2012 and beyond.
    • Showcasing winning entries from the 2011 BIMA Awards.

    Putting data at the heart of your digital strategy to increase sales and drive ROI

    Gregory Lyons, Research and Insight Manager, iCrossing
    • From data to insights, creating research lead digital campaigns
    • The importance of mobile data and how to develop a profitable strategy
    • How data can be used to inform a successful content and SEO strategy that increases conversion rate and ROI (with case study examples)

  • Organisations don't tweet, people do

    Euan Semple, Social web consultant, Euansemple.com
    • Many organisations are uncertain as to how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Web and social platforms.
    • This session will provide practical advice, insight and inspiration to enable effective integration of social media into organisational culture and strategy.

    Understanding performance to get executive teams working effectively and powerfully together

    Jessica Pryce-Jones, CEO, iOpener Institute for People and Performance

    Building on 6 years’ research and an on-going collaboration with the Wall St Journal, Jessica will cover:

    • Understanding the real tasks of leadership and how leadership will shape the future.
    • Analyzing trends and findings in digital marketing for both UK and international data.
    • Investigating some practical tools and techniques that will help leaders in the digital industry.
    • Thinking about how to personally and practically incorporate this into your working life.

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